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30 January 2018

Marketing Post-GDPR: 5 practices we’ll be saying goodbye to

Data protection is about to be overhauled, but what real-world repercussions will we see for marketers and their customer bases? 

Here are five things we’re about to see much less of:

1. Spamming will be a thing of the past, with fewer 'spray and pray' campaigns

Businesses that continue with high volume content campaigns, shared with their entire database, will find their audience shrinking, as people will simply opt-out with ease. What’s more, with companies required to forget personal data that’s no longer required or irrelevant, businesses will start to retain shorter, more relevant contacts lists.

2. The ‘creepiness factor’ of personalisation will be eliminated

Tech is allowing increasingly intelligent personalisation in marketing – sometimes called ‘hyper-personalisation’. However, consumers can feel a sense of intrusion and unease when this level of personalisation is used inappropriately. This is a risk for businesses, as loss of trust will quickly turn customers away. Increased restrictions on how personal data is used will reduce unwanted personalisation – customers will only be targeted if they want to be.

3. There will be fewer errors in personal data

With the GDPR in place, companies will be required to manage their data well. This includes making sure it’s error-free, and having processes and trained staff in place to ensure data is correct.

4. Companies with poor data privacy and security will start to vanish

The GDPR will lead to companies who continue to mismanage data being subjected to financial liabilities when they want to provide other organisations with their services. They’ll realise they need to change, or find themselves struggling to stay afloat.

5. Fewer people will consent to marketing accidentally

By May 2018, all companies need to gain explicit consent from consumers in order to market to them.


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