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02 November 2018

Introducing PORT’s new and improved personal data governance platform

When we conceived and built PORT, we were addressing the challenges businesses faced in preparing for the GDPR’s privacy requirements. Many of these challenges still remain and the realities of managing personal data in this new world are only now becoming apparent.

At PORT HQ, we’ve been working hard to improve your experience and adding new features based on our experience of working with hundreds of businesses to really understand their personal data challenges. And we’re building a platform to handle all of those challenges in one place.


So, what’s new with PORT?

We know that companies are looking to remove a lot of the time-consuming manual intervention from managing personal data, so we’ve strived to create the most efficient and effective solution.

We’ve listened to feedback and enhanced the platform’s user experience, whilst our new tools create a smooth and transparent customer journey for users interacting with your business. This means you can be brave with your business and not with your personal data.

Check out our new intro video here:

One of the most significant improvements we made was allowing companies to fully manage and track user consent. You can now do this with our new Capture Consent feature that allows you to market with confidence, with an audit trail to cover new marketing consent requirements.

We’ve also added more automation functionality. With our updated Request tools, you can automate much of the process of responding to subject access requests, whilst our Data Portal tool enables data subjects to freely access details about how and why their personal data is being processed, meaning less time and effort responding to requests in the first place. This is the transparency that new data protection regulations, such as the GDPR, want businesses to demonstrate.


Overview of PORT’s data governance platform for business

PORT helps you to manage all of your personal data processes in one easy-to-use platform. Our platform guides you through the process of mapping your data and, once you’re done, our cloud-based software will sync your data automatically as your database grows – ensuring nothing slips through the net.

We know that companies are much more data-driven these days, using a range of different monitoring and analytics tools, to optimise their strategies. You can integrate these with PORT. For example, if you’re using CRM platforms (like HubSpot), email service providers (like MailChimp) or eCommerce platforms (like Shopify), you can connect these third-party providers (and countless other systems) to PORT too. This helps to make sure all data sources meet data protection and privacy law compliance requirements.

Here’s an overview of the PORT range of tools, along with the key benefits for businesses.


Capture Consent Tool

Capturing and managing user consent is where businesses are most prone to falling foul of new data processing requirements.

PORT helps to make sure your communications carry the required clarity, transparency and functionality, whilst the platform allows you to track consent and communicate with users in the way that they’ve chosen. Clear and transparent consent capture builds trust, boosts brand reputation and ensures you’re nurturing the right people – meaning you won’t miss out on potential customers.

Key benefits of PORT’s Capture Consent tool:

  • Capture consent through an easy-to-use widget
  • Manage and track user consent to ensure compliant communications
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance
  • Don’t miss out on marketing opportunities

Managing and tracking user consent throughout the lifetime of a customer is a key challenge for businesses. PORT provides an end-to-end solution to address and solve this challenge.


Privacy Policy Tool

It’s hard to know where to start when thinking about how to write a privacy policy (also known as a privacy notice). What do I need to include? How long does it need to be? Do we need to refer our privacy policy to a legal representative? These are just some of the common questions people ask us.

Well, our Privacy Policy tool is really easy to use and enables members to quickly generate a compliant privacy policy, which can be edited and personalised.

Key benefits of PORT’s Privacy Policy tool:

  • Self-service tool, which automatically generates a compliant privacy policy for you.
  • Export, customise and add privacy policies to your website and communications.
  • Automatically maintain a versioned privacy policy so you can see what you had in place and when.


Subject Access Requests Tool

Responding to subject access requests (SARs), and other requests, is now simple with PORT. Our handy tools help businesses to coordinate and automate responses for user rights management and SARs. This increases efficiency, protects against compliance breaches, and saves you time!

Key benefits of PORT’s Subject Access Request tools:

  • Finds and organises data, presenting it in a suitable format for requestees
  • Handle all requests from one place, assigning tasks and collaborating amongst your organisation
  • Ensures you never miss a deadline by tracking all requests as they are processed
  • Provides Data Protection Officers (DPOs) with an efficient and automated method for responding to SARs


Data Portal Tool

Although an optional feature for companies, our Data Portal tool is a great way for businesses to proudly demonstrate transparency and compliance to users. The portal allows users to self-serve their requests and control their rights and preferences.

Key benefits of the Data Portal tool:

  • Enables data subjects to openly access details about how their data is being used
  • Reduces the need for users to submit SARs
  • Gives users more transparency and control over their data rights


Data Receipts Tool

Want to add another layer of transparency to your communications? Well, that’s where our Data Receipts tool comes in. It enables businesses to send automated emails (receipts) to inform users about the terms on which you process their data, based on actions they take.

Key benefits of PORT’s Data Receipts tool:

  • Adds more transparency and builds user trust
  • Receipts are customised and personalised to each user, depending on their data agreement

These data receipts are optional, but they’re a positive way of demonstrating transparency and compliance to users and customers – important for trust and reputation.


Watch this space!

We’re constantly improving the PORT experience and evolving our platform in line with changing business needs. Our aim is to future-proof businesses for ongoing data compliance and changing data protection rules, helping you to maximise opportunities for leveraging data effectively.

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Like the sound of our new tools and enhanced full-service platform? We hope this blog has helped you to understand the importance of managing your personal data effectively, to save your business time and money, and to avoid damage to brand reputation.

Try it for yourself with a free 14-day trial, which will give you an invaluable opportunity to explore PORT’s full range of features. Give our ultimate personal data governance toolkit a spin today!

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