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27 March 2018

Compliance just got easier: Connect your data in one place with

We’re really excited to announce that making your business GDPR compliant just got a lot easier with!

Using PORT to make your existing and future data compliant is now simpler than ever with our latest software.

You can now export your data to PORT with:

  • CSV file uploads
  • Excel file uploads
  • SQL database queries

That means you can add pretty much any personal data into PORT. And once that personal data is accounted for and checked, we can help you ensure you’re managing it compliantly and have all the relevant records and documentation in place.

CSV/Excel upload

Organise data sitting in spreadsheets and systems by connection them to PORT:

  1. Pull data from any system into a spreadsheet.
  2. Make sure it is either a .CSV or Excel format.
  3. Plug it straight into PORT.

SQL database queries

  1. Provide some details about your SQL database.
  2. Plug it straight into PORT

You can also use any of our pre-built integrations or connect a system via our API.

Get GDPR-ready with PORT!


There are 4 easy steps any business can take right now to get compliant.’s CEO, Julian Saunders, will guide you through in this webinar. 

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