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07 February 2018

5 positive ways marketing will change after GDPR

If you work in marketing, you may have already begun to adjust your practices. There are several changes that we are likely to see in the industry in the coming months.


1. GDPR will mean more timely, relevant and personalised content for customers

Consumers will benefit from content campaigns built and targeted with precision. With shorter contacts lists, campaigns will be targeted at a more engaged audience, leading to happier consumers.

2. Innovation in marketing will increase

GDPR will kickstart a race to the top for marketers. Improved competition will open the door to more innovation and complex data science techniques, such as attribution modelling, recommendation engines and micro-segmentation.

3. There will be a higher return on investment for marketers

A streamlined database will reduce the cost of marketing campaigns, and those cost savings can be ploughed back into innovation in marketing. Increased budgets will mean marketers have the freedom to explore more cutting edge targeting, personalisation, and reporting methods.

4. Trust between businesses and consumers will skyrocket

More control for consumers will mean more trust shared with marketers . With GDPR’s requirement for communication of data protection processes, customers will be aware of businesses prioritising the security of their data. This, combined with the need for consumers to actively ‘opt ‘in’ to marketing communications, will lead to an increase in trust for the businesses they’ve chosen to engage with.

5. There will be more regulations for dodgy marketing companies

The penalties for companies that fail to comply with GDPR are often over-emphasised, leading to scaremongering stories. In reality, these penalties will be a way for some of the most careless and cavalier organisations to be weeded out of the mix, allowing more effective marketers to shine.

Julian is the founder and CEO of, a service that makes complying with the new General Data Protection Regulations quick and simple for businesses of all sizes.


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